The Best Property Management Software for Airbnb

The Best Property Management Software for Airbnb

Property management software is an essential instrument for gathering data about a property in one central location. Rather than moving back and forth between suppliers and double-checking calendars for availability, property management software brings together all data and permits hosts to reach their highest possible occupancy rate, manage credit card payments, contact customers, and answer maintenance requests all from one easy-to-navigate hub.

If you only have one vacation rental or are an Airbnb property manager controlling multiple listings with various sites, then a property management software is vital to make sure your business operates proficiently and makes a profit. Nevertheless, this software isn’t inexpensive.

In order to aid both beginners and experienced budget-minded hosts, we have compiled a list of the highest-rated free and premium vacation rental management software. Additionally, we have gathered an assortment of the best software for Airbnb and vacation rental owners.


The Best Paid Property Management Systems


Hostaway is a rapidly growing increasing property management system, giving a thorough system to computerize and facilitate every aspect of the duty of short-term rental host or property manager. Hostaway comprises of a channel manager, an unified host mailbox and dashboard, qualities to cope with numerous calendars, an auto-task manager, income streamlining methods, a direct booking website builder, and many other services.



Avantio is a phenomenal cloud-based vacation rental tool for professional agencies that have a considerable number of properties. This app enables them to manage everything in one location, having integration with Quickbooks, Stripe, Pricelab and other external programs. Avantio covers the entire rental process from bookings to accounting, payments to legal activities. Do not let any step go unchecked with this awesome app!


Rentals United

Rentals United is a cloud-based software application that specializes in organization and web reservations. With this tool, vacation rental owners can interconnect all their existing listings in one spot from sources such as Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway,, and additional vacation rental websites. Clients instantly receive notices on bookings, cancellations, and customer remarks.

Rentals United enables users to promote short-term accommodations on a wide range of international and local booking platforms. On average, those who make use of the service benefit from a 25% boost in bookings.



Hostfully’s vacation rental system was bestowed the “Best All-Around Vacation Rental Software” honors at the VRMB awards in 2019, and is among the most well-liked property management solutions accessible today.

Hostfully puts a major focus on automating laborious tasks. The software has some features which are especially useful for running multiple properties, such as automated messaging, upselling options, a booking dashboard and vendor control capabilities.



Guesty is an all-encompassing property management application intended for short term rentals. It presents amenities such as a channel supervisor, unified inbox, open API, multi-calendar, and 24/7 guest communication. Property owners can supervise the whole upkeep procedure from their cell phones. Cleaners are able to view their forthcoming and upcoming jobs which are accompanied by in depth descriptions and the listing address. This effective task-supervision app creates order of all your significant “to do list” in one site.



Streamline is a short term rental platform that compacts task-management into four helpful applications: a visitor app, an upkeep app, a cleaning app, and an property owner app. Streamline enables estate owners to remain in contact with former visitors to gain insight into travelling trends through their CRM/Guest Marketingfunction.

Customers can keep abreast of their business progress and advance with Streamline’s practical SEO and data analysis capabilities. Streamline is an excellent choice to control your property while exploiting its various features to improve your business.



MyVR is an ideal cloud-based software for property owners, managers, landlords, and real estate agents wishing to make their booking process more efficient. Users can create their own websites with the built-in advertising and promotional features of MyVR. Receive payments virtually, build your own database, and brand yourself all in one application. MyVR works together with various booking sites including Airbnb,, and Flipkey.



The Best FREE & Budget Property Management Systems (PMS)



Attract entrepreneurial property managers looking to establish their own business with Lodgify’s resource. Showcase all listings in a neat, mobile-friendly site that Lodgify is equipped to create. Give visitors a memorable experience with the website.

Lodgify is created to assist property owners and managers in boosting their online presence, expanding their business, and managing properties and customers with ease. Lodgify provides a website-creating component in addition to SEO and marketing initiatives. Its channel manager is also straightforward to use, allowing users to sync calendars and bookings from several of the top partners such as Airbnb,, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and HomeAway.

What differentiates Lodgify from other software is its capacity to connect the channel manager with external calendars (such as Gmail and iCal), Facebook Messenger, and MailChimp. Additionally, with website components that encourage the promotion of properties, Lodgify is one of the most comprehensive solutions for managing and advertising vacation rentals.

A complimentary seven-day testing phase is offered by Lodgify, following which there is a fee of $29 per month.



Smoobu is a straightforward, free property management company. Whereas other facilities are free only temporarily or limit the number of properties managed, Smoobu is free permanently. However, the tooling does have a few features available.

Using Smoobu’s free version, users can gain access to an appointment system with everything scheduled in one area, an occupancy calendar, and a homepage manager containing Google Maps integration, high-definition images, and designs custom-made for apartments, bed and breakfasts, and hotels.

Smoobu’s subscription service — beginning at $17 per month for a single property(and ~$4.50 for each additional property) — offers a full suite of features such as automatic communication with visitors, in-depth analytical overviews, and telephone help.



Unlike other platforms, Bookfull focuses on both the customer and host experience. The booking channel management of Bookfull is bidirectional, implying that any alteration done in a directory like Expedia or TripAdvisor will be automatically mirrored in the Bookfull schedule as well.

Bookfull also has a remarkable adjustable pricing system. For instance, if a property requires a minimum of three nights but there is an unoccupied period of two days between bookings, Bookfull will make those intervening dates available to book. This versatility allows hosts to dramatically improve the average occupancy rate for their Airbnb.

Since every listing is different, Bookfull offers customers the chance to customize particular listings through additional features. If a host wishes to charge extra for bicycles, parking spaces, cots, or anything else, this can be arranged through their incorporated payment platform. Moreover, Bookfull is well-prepared to manage all the modern smart home technology – door locks, surveillance cameras, lighting fixtures and WiFi service can be managed through their web page.

The tool is totally free to use, and barring some capacities set aside for the remunerated option, both casual hosts and commercial estate management firms will find the gratuitous edition more than agreeable.



Navigating the complexity of multiple properties across different platforms can be tricky for hosts, who must juggle between accounts, communicate with guests, and update calendars.

The company formerly known as AirGMS, a leader in Airbnb-oriented property management software services, recently changed its name to iGMS after adding integrations with Vrbo and HomeAway. This all-in-one property management system offers the same features you’d expect from an industry top choice.

Keep calendars in sync, effortlessly transition between profiles (particularly helpful if you administer bookings for a variety of holiday rental owners) and adjust reservations from one organized, user-friendly control panel.

iGMS also provides an accounting feature to evaluate how properties are doing. Monitor payment details, rents for extended occupants, and monthly summaries to determine what is working well and what could be advanced.

The most attractive aspect of iGMS is its pricing system. For the primary four properties, the service is completely gratis – no fees or additional expenditures. When handling five or more dwellings, the cost is $20 a month per listing.



Lodgable provides a great way to make property management more efficient. At the start, hosts can upload all their listings, and instead of having to create user accounts and sign in to each platform, Lodgable’s inventory will automatically post the listings on the top global OTAs.

The platform encompasses the same stellar capabilities as other channel managers, and also includes a straightforward payment collection feature. Reports from Lodgable demonstrate that customers can improve their bookings by 150% and sustain occupancy levels up to 88%, while being completely booked out for three months in advance.

Per Lodgable’s pricing page, the service is complimentary with no restrictions on the number of properties, users or bookings that a host can manage.



Futurestay advertises itself as the wisest method of linking channels, visitors, and brand identity without having to perform any manual labor. Most clearly illustrated via their “Done” application, Futurestay is singular in its totally autonomous procedure for hosts.

Users get a daily update on arrivals and departures, and the dashboard is an ideal hub to access any necessary data. Furthermore, Futurestay is global, so for instance, hosts can have a website in English but manage reservations in Spanish, and bill in the currency of their choice.

Futurestay applies a surcharge of 5% to the set room rate. For instance, if the Average Daily Rate (ADR) is set at $100, guests will be charged an additional $5 for their stay. This commission is indirectly paid by the visitors due to the added cost of their accommodation.



Do not overlook the power of a property management tool, even if you are only listing one item. Bookerator is a free, cloud-based option that provides easy and efficient control with emphasis on the client experience and marketing of the property.

It is worth bearing in mind that the free basic package only permits 3 reservations per month, thus if you opt to employ Bookerator, it is likely sensible to purchase the premium program. The premium plan also comes with a professional booking website for your properties.



Through Tokeet, customers are able to access all the features of a management system with one listing. Design an attractive website, accept payments, and monitor bookings through a unified calendar. The cost increases to $15 per month when managing multiple properties.

The large number of property management companies confirms the requirement for a service that facilitates vacation rental control. Software based management helps to enhance occupancy rates, communication, clarity, and brand recognition.


Why Use A Property Management System?

Might there be an approach to saving time and making more income with your vacation rental? Indeed, there is. A property management system (or PMS) may well be the crucial component you require to expand your business or increase your property administration portfolio. PMS can assist you in managing your business as proficiently as possible, leading to additional bookings, contented clients, and more income.


What Is Property Management?

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Property management is all that is required to keep and care for your short term rental properties, such as dealing with leaks and mowing the lawn on a daily basis. A property management team collaborates to manage all the jobs necessary for running a prosperous vacation rental business. Smooth property management is critical for those who own one or multiple rental homes in the vacation rental sector.

Property management systems consolidate jobs and activities into a single virtual space. Moreover, they offer comprehensive control over all your rental properties’ requirements, comprising of online reservations, programmed payments and guest correspondence.

Many PMS solutions are web-based, allowing you to access your property management system from any tablet or device by using an app or website. This means cloud technology lets you take care of your properties wherever you may be – whether it’s out and about, overseas, or in the comfort of your own home.

Hotel businesses are especially adept at property oversight. Owners of multiple properties have the responsibility of managing thousands of rooms and visitors. To ensure efficient and prompt service, many in the hospitality industry employ property management software to keep track of various sites and customers.

As a vacation renter, contemplate emulating the tested procedures that have served hoteliers so well. Take guidance from some of the most thriving hotel owners and manage your rental houses as proficiently as possible in order to get the best return, keep customers delighted, and guarantee your properties are occupied all year round. Examples of widely used hotel property administration software include CloudBeds, Oracle, and Hotelogix.



Reasons to use a PMS


1) Streamline all of your properties in one place

Property management systems enable you to unify all of your properties in one location. These solutions feature tools for viewing and compiling assignments, dealing with bookings, cancellations, availability, Airbnb prices, calendars, records, guest information, guest inquiries, and more via a single digital solution.

The property management systems automatically revise information about the units, rates and vacancies across all your properties on each distribution partner site. Some programs also give automated contracts to make sure that you have the essential legal papers in their correct form.

By utilizing digital technology to simplify your real estate holdings, you can save yourself from having to manually inspect each house and visitor. This allows for more time to be spent on enhancing the customer service experience.

2) Built-in accounting services

Property management systems facilitate effortless payments, invoicing, taxation, income oversight and accounts receivable. Operating systems enable automated payments, streamlined processing, point of sale technology, automated deductions/charges and an open tab to provide customers extra amenities or services to relish in the present and pay for afterwards. Property management systems’ comprehensive financial services make both receiving and sending payments a cinch.

3) Built-in channel manager

A channel manager makes sure that all your listings are the same across different distribution channels. Common property management systems frequently have a built-in channel manager or options for easy integration. For instance, Sirvoy synchronizes your properties on the well-known booking websites such as, Expedia, Agoda, Hostelworld, HotelSpecials, TripAdvisor, and has the ability to integrate with SiteMinder and MyAllocator. You can manage all of your listings on multiple booking sites from one place.

4) House-keeping services

Property management systems are also great for organizing task assignments. You can employ and settle payments to cleaning services via a property management system. Post daily tasks and upkeep requirements in one spot so the cleaning specialists understand precisely what has to be done. Keep your residence looking its absolute best at all times with a property management system devoted to tackling all the leaks, messes, and more in advance of, during, and after visitors’ visits.

5) Automate your bookings

Property management software enables you to streamline your bookings. You can even make transactions right on your website with property management systems that give simple-to-utilize code snippets or plugins. Obtain reservations and receive payments for all of your properties across all listing sites in one location. Automated guest communication (which we’ll discuss more later) makes it simpler than ever before to secure bookings and facilitate sales.

6) Track your business performance

Being able to track your business performance is another benefit of adding a property management system to your business toolbox. Accumulate your own unique business data all in one place and track your statistics. How well are you selling? Is one property selling more than another? What months yield the most returns? Which marketing tactics are the most successful?

Gathering your individual enterprise information all in one spot and monitoring your figures is another gain of incorporating a property management system into your business toolset. How profitable are you? Is one property renting more than the other? During which months do you get the most returns? What strategies prove to be the most effective?

Collect distinct data and facts to gain insight into your business performance and the reasons why your property could be making more or less than anticipated in terms of host revenue.

7) Improve guest communication

Property management systems are equipped with integrated guest communication features that guarantee you won’t overlook any inquiries, remarks, or issues from guests. You can reply to all your guests in one easy-to-access platform. Furthermore, these systems provide automated answers, reviews, and notifications in real time. Track your daily check-ins and check-outs as well as maintain guest profiles. Store and recycle guest data for both new and returning guests.

Grow your response rate through the use of property management software. Being a present and competent proprietor or host increases the possibility of getting good evaluations from visitors. Strengthen your holiday rental business’ standing with automated guest communication functions.

8) Book more guests

Property management solutions provide a plethora of user-friendly tools that are accessible to all personnel of your property management team. All the mentioned capabilities guarantee that vacancies in your property will be rare. Amplify conversion rates with a seamless, successful, and productive business.

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