Must-Have Vacation Rental Tools in 2023

Essential for those seeking to maximize their rental revenue, short-term rental tools are integral for a smooth renting journey for your visitors. From the time they reserve to the moment they leave, here are some of the top short-term rental instruments every host should have: To begin with, it’s wise to invest in a reservation system. This will enable travelers to book and pay for their stay easily online.


You’ll also want to acquire a property supervision system to assist you in monitoring bookings, payments, and other critical information. Other necessary utilities include housekeeping services, access systems that don’t use keys, and internet feedback websites. Possessing the correct resources can have a colossal impact on the prosperity of your short-term rental venture.

Utilizing the finest short-term rental instruments today can offer you and your customers an incredible encounter, while also simplifying your life. Hence, do not hesitate – invest in the top tools immediately and elevate your business to a higher level!

Top short-term rental tools for your property


Optimizing channel management will have the greatest effect on your business. A channel manager allows you to centralize all of your listings in one spot. So if you are advertising the same property over multiple platforms (for example: Airbnb, Vrbo and TripAdvisor), you can control all these accounts from the same place.


Furthermore, channel managers make it possible for you to instantly modify your pricing and availability on all of your booking platforms. This ensures that you will never mistakenly have conflicting data on different booking websites.

This is a total breakthrough for both convenience and efficiency.


Initially, you can preserve a great deal of time by not having to sign in to all your accounts and modify them one by one each time you require to make an alteration to your listings. Secondly, your timetables will coordinate mechanically, so you don’t have to be concerned about conflicts (when two visitors reserve your rental for the same period on various channels).


These are the most effective channel managers for short term hosts. Of course, there are numerous other options accessible, but we’re restricting ourselves to those that are within financial reach of holiday rental managers with a small number of listings.


Host Tools

Host Tools is a channel manager that enables you to sync your schedules on varying channels to stop double reservations. As a result of direct API integrations with Airbnb and Vrbo, plus the ability to import scheduling information from any channel utilizing iCal, you can constantly keep your calendar current. Plus, you obtain a unified inbox and multi-calendar so you can do everything from one central location.



Lodgify is a comprehensive vacation rental platform that assists you in elevating your web reservations and occupancy. Whether you own a single accommodation or multiple properties, Lodgify possesses numerous features that can help you optimize efficiency, such as a channel manager, a Property Management System (PMS), a website constructor, a reservation program, and an online payment processor.



Beds24 offers a cloud-based software platform designed to be tailored to the requirements of hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, agencies and more. It is a comprehensive channel manager, property management system and booking engine.


Your Porter

Your Porter provides a comprehensive platform to administer your distribution, stay in contact with your customers, and manage your personnel all in one place. It includes a channel administrator, automatic messaging, a website designer, mobile/web applications and many other features.



Smartbnb provides tools for property managers to expand their operations and communication with guests. It includes automated messaging, task management, a centralized inbox, and an integrated schedule.



OwnerRez is a comprehensive platform that facilitates the running of vacation rental businesses. It eliminates the need for spreadsheets through its booking, automation, and reporting capabilities, providing a versatile approach to property management.



Tokeet provides a range of robust features for channel control, rental streamlining, and proprietor oversight. It can support the expansion of your holiday letting firm with amenities such as automated pricing, billing and remittances, contract validation, website design, and more.



Smoobu is a comprehensive holiday rental platform that facilitates improved bookings and profits through a channel manager, reservation program, centralized agenda, universal inbox and website builder.



iGMS provides a comprehensive platform to oversee your holiday rentals across multiple platforms. The system has numerous utilities, such as a channel director, native intelligent messaging, mechanization devices, tidying and personnel administration tools, financial detailing and more.



Guest experience/digital guidebooks

Delivering an outstanding vacation experience is essential to boosting your profits and achieving higher ratings on Airbnb. Nevertheless, if you’re a host who’s constantly overworked, you may not be able to give the customer service that your customers anticipate.

Invest in guest experience technology. These generally come in the form of digital handbooks or welcome applications – and they can give off the impression that you have a huge staff running your lodgings.

They effectively act as a personal assistant, addressing visitors’ queries before they even have them.

Peruse our favorite suppliers and investigate the choices you have to boost your visitor experience:




Beginning cost: commences at $2.00 monthly

TouchStay is a digital reception book that assists you in becoming more effective by providing your guests with the information they need so they don’t have to ask questions. You can utilize the digital guidebook to present helpful details, nearby advice, and insider tips. You can distribute the web app with your visitors by delivering them a link via email.



Price: starts at $6.25 per month

Wishbox allows you to enhance your customer experience with its custom-made guest app, additional purchases and online check-in features. You can also convey pre-organized notifications, refine reviews and link up to your primary supplier through an integration.



The HelloHere digital guestbook is presented as a customized app which allows you to save effort and cut down expenses. With the help of HelloHere, it is easy to dispatch automated notifications, give instant conversations, and give your guests tailored suggestions.

The fee for HelloHere commences at $8.27 per month.



The cost for using YourWelcome begins at $15.83 each month. With this service, you can maximize your profit from bookings by adding a convenient and automated layer to the booking process. You can use the tablet provided by YourWelcome to offer additional services and stay connected with guests during their stay. Additionally, you gain access to automated messages and pre-arrival check-in features.



Hostfully Guidebooks are straightforward, mobile-oriented websites that can assist you in providing an improved customer experience. You can customize them according to your preferences and include all the required details for your guests prior to and throughout their stay, and for check-out, starting at $19.99 per month.


Pricing tools

Determining the appropriate cost of your vacation rental is one of the most challenging aspects of managing it. You must plan out a strategy that guarantees you will neither price too high nor too low, and you have to stay informed about what your competitors are doing. Additionally, manually altering your rates on all your channels can be extremely laborious.


Nevertheless, you don’t have to determine your prices by yourself. Nowadays, triumphant property managers make use of pricing instruments to mechanize their rates and aid them in setting costs that guarantee a high return and occupancy. The following are the hottest revenue management solutions on the market. Test them out and stop leaving money unattended:


Host Tools

Starting at five dollars a month, Host Tools offers an adjustable and rule-based value engine to assist you in setting up the correct charges for your listings. With its simple interface and smart controls, you can be sure that your properties are never priced too low or too high. Moreover, your calendar is refreshed every 6 hours so that your prices remain current and boost the visibility of your offerings.



Wheelhouse is a data-driven automated pricing program that can help you generate 10-40% more income. It provides automated rates, valuable insights, and tailored tactics to assist you in deciding the optimal cost for each night.

Price: 0.75-1% per booking.


Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing provides a pricing service with a fee of 1-1.25% per booking. This cost is charged to cover the sophisticated technology used to generate optimal rates for each listing.



The cost of this service begins from $19.99 per month, contingent upon the number of listings you have and their geographical locations. PriceLabs provides vacation rental yield management with extensive personalization options. To guarantee that you have power over your fees, you can apply custom programmed regulations on top of the market data given by PriceLabs.



Automated messaging tool


Are you exhausted from responding to the same inquiries repeatedly? It’s time to employ automation for your guest correspondence.

Many vacation rental proprietors expend too much energy corresponding with visitors when automated messaging systems can be implemented to do the job for them.

We suggest these tools to facilitate your guest communication:


Host Tools

The cost for this feature begins at $5.00 per month. With Host Tools, you can effortlessly manage guest communication and save time by automating messages to your guests and cleaners. The platform offers customizable templates which you can adjust based on certain rules and triggers. Furthermore, you have the ability to send messages in different languages as well as remind guests to leave reviews.



The cost begins at $6.25 per month for access to Wishbox, which gives you the ability to send planned messages so that you can connect with your customers once the reservation is finalized. Along with automation of communications, the platform has many additional features that allow you to improve the guest experience and promote brand recognition through specific messages.


Your Porter

The cost of using Your Porter begins at $18.00 each month. Through this platform, you can program messages, emails and texts in advance, as well as craft automated replies to interaction in order to enhance your sales. Moreover, you can monitor your communications from any location with the Your Porter App.


Market research tools


As a competent host, it’s essential to carry out some kind of research to evaluate yourself against other similar businesses. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to do this by hand. Therefore, you should take advantage of the services of a holiday rental data firm such as these:



Cost: provides a no-cost version

Transparent can help you improve your income by keeping an eye on supply and demand in your region, monitoring your competitors, and aiding you to optimize your pricing. You have the choice of testing out the no-cost version, or keep track of single competitor performance and market supply with the Transparent pro data dashboard.




The cost of AllTheRooms begins at $4.99 a month plus a one-time fee of $19.99 (which will vary depending on the size of your market). It provides you with an individualized accommodation rating according to your bookings, income and reviews; and it allows you to assess your performance against competitors in order to discover possibilities for development.



The cost of using Mashvisor starts from $10.00 per month. With its assistance, you can locate potentially profitable Airbnb properties in any area around the world quickly and easily. The search process involves selecting a city and deciding on your desired neighborhood based upon your own criteria. After this, you will be able to utilize interactive filters to identify the perfect property for you. Additionally, Mashvisor will provide you with details concerning the property’s short-term rental performance, as well as advice on how to get ahead of any competitors.



Beginning cost is $19.95 per month (varying according to the scope of your market). AirdDNA trails the results of more than 10 million holiday rental properties in 80,000 cities worldwide. Its MarketMinder capability enables you to research styles in your area and ascertain how the vacation rental industry is advancing. You can employ these information-gathered insights to outdo your opponents and set better charges.


Cleaning management tools

Overseeing your cleansing personnel and ensuring that you adhere to the cleaning timetable can be a time consuming endeavour. Instead of devoting these precious hours to other aspects of your company, you could use automation to free up your schedule. Look into these useful applications to help streamline the process:



Cost: Inquiry

Breezeway is a thorough operations platform featuring programmed job scheduling, excellence assurance, visitor messaging, and more. It provides you with all the coordination and communication tools essential for guaranteeing spotless cleanliness in your properties and delivering an exceptional guest encounter.



Cost: Ask for information. Properly offers assistance to temporary accommodations hosts in locating cleaning personnel and scheduling cleanings. It also provides up-to-the-minute insight into when cleaners arrive, start, and finish their tasks. Additionally, you can make personalized lists of items to check off to ensure everything is satisfactory.


Turnover BNB

Price: There is no charge for the use of this single property. Turnover BNB provides a link between property administrators and reliable cleaners in their vicinity. It has an intelligent cleaning management system with automated payments, individualized checklists, programmed cleaner assignments and review control. Furthermore, it comes with a mobile application for Airbnb proprietors that centralizes all communication with the cleaning staff.



Direct booking tools


Reducing reliance upon sites like Airbnb and VRBO, more people selecting to book with you translates into improved profitability. Direct reservations signify no more commissions, absolute command over your cancellation regulations, and complete authority of your organization.

But how do you amplify your branding and promotion activities to receive additional direct bookings while having a restricted budget?

These tools are able to aid you in creating a recognizable online brand image, and consequently receive more direct bookings:




Houfy is a web-based platform resembling an OTA, yet it does not impose any charges or levies. You can publicize your rentals in the same manner you do on Airbnb and travelers will be able to book them right away. There are no limitations on communication either – visitors may contact you any way they prefer.



HostZaver enables you to take one of your listings and construct a custom website with just a single click. All it takes is to copy and paste your Airbnb URL, pick out the ideal template, and get started distributing your new site that can be booked. You don’t need any technology know-how, and everything from photos, costs, and reviews will be in sync. Starting from $39.00 per month.



Price: zero-cost report download

Boostly is a comprehensive, retrievable guide for growing your direct bookings. It has the complete arsenal of approaches, strategies, and advice you require to begin amplifying your income with reservations made on your own website. Boostly also includes a weekly podcast and a Facebook group that you can be part of to swap ideas with other property owners.


Smart home tools

Home automation is really popular right now – and not just to impress visitors with high-tech gadgets.

Smart home technology can also help you reduce expenses on utilities and steer clear of issues with your neighbors.

Here are a few suppliers that you should look into:



The cost of Operto’s home automation starts at $14.99 every month. This service permits you to make your house into a clever rental property, providing keyless access, temperature adjustments, and sound surveillance all from a single platform. Guests are sure to appreciate the technologically advanced features and you can save on energy costs in the long run! A great benefit for everyone involved!




Beginning at $15.00 per month, Keycrib offers a cloud-based system to help you oversee your rental from afar. This includes features such as detecting sound, smoke, and patrons, keyless access, alarms, agreements, direct communication and identity verification of guests as well as evaluating them to ensure hosts are protected.



The cost of Minut begins at $129.00. This innovative home sensor is designed to measure sound levels without compromising the security of your visitors. It never records, stores, or communicates any confidential information. This practical device will help you maintain a good relationship with your neighbors and heighten the safety of your home.


August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock can be purchased for as low as $149.99, providing you with an excellent keyless entry system for your vacation rental. This smart lock grants you access control options and activity tracking features, affording you the ability to maintain secure control of your locks from any location.



NoiseAware provides intelligent sound surveillance and sound sensors so that you can regulate the noise level in your residence. It will notify you when your visitors host a party or make any loud sounds in your rental property, helping you to avoid expensive damages, penalties, or conflicts with the people living near you.

The charge for utilizing this service starts from $199.00, permitting you to experience one year of inside sound monitoring with a detector.


Accounting tools

Monitoring your financials is an indispensable part of owning a short-term rental business, even if it isn’t the most thrilling endeavor. Fortunately, there are accounting programs that make it easier to keep track of your money without resorting to intricate spreadsheets. Here are two options for you to consider:



Quickbooks, a renowned accounting system adored by short-term rental hosts, provides a user-friendly platform to keep all financials in check. It can be accessed from any device and you can use it to stay updated, create and send stylish invoices, and even grant your accountant access. The cost of this service starts from $7.50 per month.



Starting at $14.99 a month, Bnbtally enables you to link multiple Airbnb accounts to your accounting system and gain detailed information on your short-term rental returns. It keeps track of income, levies, commissions, hosting charges, cleaning fees, listing performance and cash flow – eliminating the need for manual data entry.


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