utomation tools for your short-term vacation rental business

Automation tools for your vacation rental business

Managing a short term rental needs a lot of dedication and work. As a property manager, if you desire to handle multiple short term rentals listings, it is imperative to be informed about all the homes. Nevertheless, it will likely be almost impossible to monitor everything.

Rather than delegating jobs to an assistant or a professional cleaning service, this article looks at ways you can streamline your Airbnb. Automating processes is the key to making your rental run like clockwork.


What Is Airbnb Automation?


In summary, Airbnb Automation is a practical way to organize daily and regular activities which helps reduce time and expenses. Some of the jobs that can be automated quickly are:

  • Answering visitors’ messages
  • Revising the reservation schedule for the property
  • Coordinating with cleaning staff
  • Comparing and tweaking nightly rates
  • Writing guest reviews
  • Answering feedback from visitors


Why Must You Automate Your Airbnb?


Below are some advantages to automating your Airbnb:

  • Saves time
  • Increases your occupancy rate hence revenue
  • Allows for quick responses for guest booking requests and messages
  • Increases efficiency
  • Expedites growth of property, service, and portfolio

Essentially, when you automate necessary, repetitive tasks involved in running your Airbnb you spare yourself of tedious activities and can use that time to make essential decisions while simultaneously increasing your income and expanding your business.


Ten Tips for Streamlining Your Airbnb Experience


1. Automate your welcome email:


Send your visitors an automatic welcome message containing the pertinent data they require to make their stay successful. The balance is to include enough information and not too much, as too much could befuddle your guests. Here are a few ideas to bear in mind while creating your welcome message:

  • keep the email body short and relevant while giving guests the option of going ahead to read it or saving it for later.
  • Include a heading for each new section in your email.
  • Use links to your website or other materials like an online welcome book to make the email concise and pertinent, giving people the choice of reading it right away or keeping it for later.


2. Automate scheduled messages:


If you often find yourself having to write out answers to the same questions when welcoming a new guest or processing their reservation, something that numerous veteran hosts assert takes up plenty of energy and can be quite dull, this one is meant for you.

Utilize Airbnb’s scheduled messages, like check-in and check-out notices, as well as reminders. This helpful tool eliminates the need to manually type these emails or even to duplicate templates for your guests’ queries. To learn more about this service go through our blog post on Airbnb Scheduled Messages.

In addition, Airbnb’s quick reply option can be used to build responses for commonly asked queries like Wi-Fi passwords, directions, top restaurants, etc.



3. Streamline your check-in procedures.


This is certainly an effortless win for both you and your visitors. This means that they don’t have to register at a stringent timing and you don’t need to stay up till the wee hours of the morning for your visitors to arrive. Moreover, if you use the correct product, you can be alerted when your guests arrive at the property. You could use this as a signal to send an automatic welcome email/SMS.

We suggest opting for smart locks such as TTLock, Akiles, and Omnitech. All these digital locks are attainable either through an app or other internet-based systems which can be utilized via your mobile phone.


4. Use smart devices throughout your home:


Transforming your house into an intelligent abode offers numerous advantages, from saving money to getting 5-star ratings. Moreover, it gives you a lot of authority over the gadgets in your home, permitting you to turn on and off machines and deal with issues concerning connected appliances from far away. We suggest Operto, LYNX, and Dack as pivotal software products that can help automate your household and have external access to appliances and other shrewd equipment around your house.


5. Automate pricing management


Pricing and occupancy mix are essential factors if not the most vital factor of your vacation rental business. Vacancy means no cash coming in. It is as straightforward as that. Clearly, this fundamental choice can be shattering or successful for your business. Thus, it is sensible to automate this procedure and rely on specialists in the field to take these key choices.

We recommend Beyond Pricing, PriceLabs, WheelHouse, and DPGO for your pricing software needs. These solutions will make informed decisions on how to price the rooms in your property according to location, amenities and other factors. Rest assured that they take your set minimum nightly rate into account when making these calculations. Additionally, you can be sure that they will update the room rates in your chosen booking engine regularly.

6. Use accounting software


It goes without saying that keeping track of the income and expenses of your Airbnb can be as taxing (no pun intended) as it is important. Automating the process would give you ample time and save you from a lot of money-related mistakes that are bound to happen. Find out more on our blog article about Airbnb bookkeeping and accounting.

We recommend, our trusted partners, Quickbooks by Zapier, and Console Cloud for all your accounting needs.


7. Use a Cleaning Service


One of the tasks that most property owners and property managers decide to outsource is the cleaning up of vacation rental units. It is absolutely essential that you retain a neat and clean Airbnb to draw in guests. Even though you might be using a cleaning service did you know that it is also possible to monitor the procedure remotely? To discover more go through our blog articles on vacation rental cleaning advice and tricks.

We suggest Doinn and Properly as solutions that provide full coverage when it comes to recruiting, managing and inspecting cleanliness. These services offer thorough guidance and checklists for the cleaning personnel to make sure all your property’s cleanliness requirements are fulfilled.


8. Invest in a property management system (PMS)


A PMS gives you a centralized hub to arrange, timetable, and carry out everyday tasks related to managing your Airbnb. A few of the tasks that can be automated using a PMS include:

  • Bookings
  • Check-in and check-out
  • Point of sale integration
  • Inventory supply management


9. Equip your Airbnb with safety equipment.


Having safety measures such as surveillance cameras and sound detectors can spare you a ton of trouble. Surveillance cameras however must be kept outside your property and can prove to be useful to observe any dubious visitor movement or harm done to the outside of your property or neighboring properties.


10. Automate Guest Reviews


Many hosts do not consider automating guest reviews due to their lack of understanding. Not only is it vital to react to all reviews, but it can also be advantageous to review your guests as they will receive a notification informing them that you have done so. This can spark their inquisitiveness (“What did the host say about me?”) and may give them the nudge needed to leave you feedback.


11. Invoicing and accounting


If you’re a hosting professional, you probably have to report your annual revenue and expenses.

If you are an experienced host, you probably need to present your yearly income and costs. Integrating your PMS with the accounting software can help you save numerous hours of manually transferring figures and invoices. If there is no connection between your PMS and ERP, find out if it produces a customizable report that includes revenue information and invoices which can be exported in the desired format.

An additional key element of your business could be landlord invoicing. In case you oversee a building on behalf of an operator, you must charge for the services delivered. A few property management systems provide instruments to automatically calculate management fees, cleaning fees, or any other fee that should be subtracted from booking revenue before sending it to the owner.

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