7 Useful Signs For Your Vacation Rental / Airbnb

Putting signs in your holiday home can be a wonderful way to greet visitors and supply them with essential details. We have compiled this compilation of some of the most usual and helpful vacation rental signs for your Airbnb or other short-term accommodation.


7 Types of Airbnb Signs for Guests

Any indication in your holiday accommodation should either enhance your visitors’ encounter in some form, be informative, or preferably both. It is advisable to abstain from flooding your attendees with notices, directions, and alerts in every single place. While balance is essential, here are a few clues you could think of displaying in your vacation rental or Airbnb.


1. WiFi Password Sign

To kick off our list, we have a sign for WiFi Network & Password. This is a popular and helpful item to have in vacation rentals, making it a nice way to greet visitors while giving them the important information they need.

You have numerous options for notifying visitors of your WiFi details. You can communicate it through an email or text, put it in a folder with guidelines, or even create a decorative sign to greet them. Whatever way you decide to go, make sure your guests are aware of the network and password.

Regarding WiFi, it is highly recommended to look into StayFi, a service that gives an outstanding visitor WiFi connection and permits you to acquire visitor emails.


2. Welcome Sign

You can greet your visitors in many forms, such as leaving a card, providing a welcome kit, or even displaying an inviting sign. You may combine the welcoming sign with the WiFi password one or keep them separate.

Moreover, you might opt to use a letterboard or whiteboard to craft a personalized message for each person arriving.


3. House Rules & Instructions

It’s advisable to not inundate your visitors with an abundance of signs, yet offering a short rundown of things to recall can spare you some worry if visitors keep on doing activities you would prefer not to happen. You can get a decent sign layout and include your home guidelines (or kitchen principles, and so forth.).In the event that your property has a pool or hot tub, having a Pool Rules sign is additionally a smart thought.

You can also put up a corkboard and stick a plastic-covered version of your home rules as well as other local details, or contain instructions in an folder or notebook.


4. No-smoking Signs


No smoking signs should be prominently displayed in all Airbnb rental properties. The signs should be placed in visible locations, such as front doors or near windows. The signage should also include language that clearly states that smoking of any kind is prohibited in the property and on the premises. Additionally, it is important to note that some cities may have additional requirements regarding no-smoking signage.


5. Restaurants Recommendations

It is a good idea to have a list of your favorite restaurants for your guests to enjoy. You can have a sign with the most recommended restaurants in your area.



6. Checkout information

When you book an Airbnb, the checkout information will vary depending on the host’s preferences. Generally speaking, the guest should expect to vacate the premises by a specified time on the day of their departure. Checkout times are usually between 11 am and 12 pm, although this can be adjusted depending on individual circumstances. Most hosts will provide checkout instructions in their listing or through direct communication when you book a reservation. This might include specific details about leaving keys, returning any amenities provided during your stay, and other important information about cleaning up before you leave.

Having a sign is a good way to inform your guests about specific instructions of your vacation rental.


Where to Find Vacation Rental Signs

Hopefully this list has sparked some ideas for signs you might want to include in your own vacation rental.  This list should have provided some inspiration for the signs that you may want to incorporate into your vacation rental.


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